Dear brothers and sisters, we invite you for the third edition of Waha Festival to come together and celebrate the Miracle of Life under the Full Moon, bringing together artists of many directions and dedicated individuals to create the magical space of full potential and high vibration that plants the Seed of a life changing Experience.

Waha is about alternative living, a concept experienced at a small level that stands for a society where everything works harmoniously, materializing the most fantastic and idealistic dreams about a different community – based on sharing and trust – in a place with fresh air in the middle of the forest, far away from the city’s illusion of comfort and closer to Mother Nature and our true selves.

This year we will have 5 stages, enlarging our musical spectrum of expression, bringing us closer together, uniting us in dance in our diversity. Each stage will represent an element of the Universe, symbolizing balance, respect and peace between all natural forces, creating through dynamics a magical space where each of us can express, create, share, love and dance!
Fire – Psy Stage
Air – Deep Stage
Water – House Stage
Earth – Dub/Reggae Stage
Aether – Chill Stage

Waha is more than a party, it’s a playground. A space where you can be who you really are, expand your consciousness and join others in learning, working together and helping each other raise our level of awareness.
We call in all free spirits and open minds, regardless of nationality, age, sex and race to join this gathering in harmony and love!

Lineup (so far confirmed):

FIRE STAGE (FunktionOne / Want Sound?)

Airi (2to6 / Interaural / Switzerland) *live*

Alien Tree (Romania)

Aodioiboa (littleBIGsensations / Germany) *live*

Azzmatazz (Vantara Vichitra / Portugal) *live*

Barbaleku (Antiscarp / Romania)

Darkology (MFG Tribe / Romania)

Dsompa (Peak / Germany)

Fractaliceanu (Romania)

GnOhm (Medulla Oblongata / Sonic Chakras / Biijah / Denmark) *live*

Goch (Medulla Oblongata / Sonic Chakras / Macedonia) *live*

Kya (littleBIGsensations / Germany) *live*

Latam (Thrancians / Romania)

Loopus In Fabula (Fabula Recs / Italy) *live*

Lygos (Transylvaliens / Romania)

Mano (Samsara Crew/ Romania)

Oxya ( (Nightbase Music/ Greece) *live*


Pura (Serbia)

Psymania (Serbia)

Roua (Romania)

Special Blend (Antiscarp / Greece) *live*

Stigma (Greece) *live*

Styx (Uroboros Records/Romania)

Subhuman (MFG Tribe/Romania)

Transhumantza (Romania)

Trikoze (Enchanted Forest/ Bulgaria)

Tudor (Rebirth / Romania)

Yara (Lycantrop / Venezuela) *live*

AIR STAGE (Clear Sound / Sleepnot! Soundsystem)

Audiotheque (Romania)

Blooni (Romania)

Brad (Romania)

Brutus (Romania)

Charlie (Romania)

Crihan (Naural / Romania)

Dan Andrei (arpiar / Romania)

Emi (Contur / Romania)

Julian (Romania)

KanAir (Inhere/Romania)

Kozo (Understand / Romania)

Le Fab (Schiffbruch/DE)

Marius Iorga (Romania)

Miss I (Misbits / Romania)

Paul Agripa (Romania)

Priku (Motif / Romania)

Vivi St. (Inhere / Romania)

Vlad Caia (Amphia / Romania)

Vygo & Aleka (Romania)

WATER STAGE (QSC / Lucky23 Soundsystem):

Alkalina (Romania)

Dreamdoctor (Romania)

Karpov Not Kasparov (Romania)

Kosta (AWD House / Romania)

Matze (Romania)

Mickey Meltdown (Spiral Tribe / UK)

Rodion GA (Romania)

Rolf (Lucky 23 Soundsystem/Romania)

Tone Tavi (Mental Hackerz/Romania)

Tribal House Collective (Romania)

The Fan (Germany)

Vasile (Romania)

EARTH STAGE (Genmaica Soundsystem)

Indjstione (Romania)

Eujah (Romania)

ChuTheJhu (Romania)

Zekarjah (Romania)

Sistah RastahFairy (Romania)

first 100 tickets 30eur
next 100 tickets 40eur
at gate 55eur

Waha Ambassadors:

Bucuresti – Laura 0727251334
– Gabi 0729179065
– Misbits Record Shop 0751391510
Sofia – Vessi +359899803079
Brasov – Simona 0737648979
Sibiu – Alexandra 0752347877
Braila – Alexandra 0735151117
Iasi – Geanina 0757612689
Cluj – Oti 0754293083

Bank transfer: you must come at the gate of the festival with the payment order and also your id. Please make sure you write your name and your personal numeric code and data correctly on the payment order. As destination for the money you can write Waha Festival ticket.
Asociatia UNDA
CUI: 31468320
Banca Transilvania

Payment info email: subject "Tickets"

For artists applications, please give us an email at

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