Între 5 și 18 august Expirat Vama Veche găzduiește The HUB in Vama Veche (www.facebook.com/events/ 147198388811193). Timp de 2 săptămâni ai biroul tău pe plajă,întâlnești oameni noi și poți participa la workshopuri funky, toate acestea facilitate de echipa The HUB Bucharest


We aim to recreate The HUB Experience in a physical place in Vama Veche by being the curators of an inspiring place where new connections, relationships and initiatives can start. The blue of the sea, the sparkle of a meaningful conversation, relaxing but yet learning events can trigger new creative insights that can be captured and developed right away in your “on the beach” office.

Detalii pe http://bucharest.the-hub.net/ the-hub-in-vama-veche

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