Black Rhino pres. Commodo

27th of February. 22:30
Commodo* (UK)
Low Freq b2b Loose
Eye Ark b2b Delir
Artwork by Alexandru Das
Tickets: pre-sale 35 lei / door deal: 40 lei
Pre-sale tickets available through


Commodo* (DEEP MEDi / UK)

An artist with minimal online presence and who keeps himself to himself, Commodo is one of an increasingly rare few who make waves through the strength of their music alone. He builds bass-focused beats with soul and substance that never perpetuate a formula, distancing himself from contemporaries with ingenious sampling and sound design influenced by his long-time affinity with the vibrancy of hip-hop.

Regardless of whether it’s the tough, dread-pressurised bassweight of his dancefloor-leaning productions or the tonally rich and immersive qualities of his more cerebral work, his scrupulous studio techniques are evidenced by the resounding freshness and longevity of his tracks both new and old.

His inherently unique and accomplished production style earned him recognition right from the outset of his ascendancy and garnered early attention from a host of key figures within the dubstep community; finding a natural home for his music at the bastion of low frequency excellence, Deep Medi Musik.



Delir ( SubGiurgiu, Uzina Dub )
Delir first started DJing following the sounds of drum and bass. In 2014, he decides to focus his view on dubstep & bass music by taking part in the organization of SubGiurgiu, a self-sustained bass festival located at the edge of the Danube river in Giurgiu, and played there each year from 2015 to 2018.
Member of SubGiurgiu & Uzina Dub (a community meant to promote dubstep & bass music), he took part and played at almost all of their events, streams & parties since 2015. His most common approach is deep & dark/minimal.


Eye Ark ( Uzina Dub )
In 2011 ,Alexandru Constantin Alin starts his musical journey with a series of events named Uzina Dub ,meant to promote dubstep music in his hometown alongside Agmantav.
Series that would continue in Bucharest to promote the local scene through parties or streams till present day.
Influenced by artists like Kromestar ,Sukh Knight ,Joker he starts making beats heavily inspired by industrial sounds ,grime and retrogaming music. At the same time he keeps an eye opened for experimentation with different styles of music and bpm’s.
In 2015 some of his tracks get rinsed on Get Darker and in 2019 he gets his first 10” vinyl release on the Frozen Plates label, alongside DST.


Loose ( SubGiurgiu )
Coming from a background of hip hop, reggae and bass music, Loose and dubstep fell in love with each other over 10 years ago. The duo is still waiting for the government to pass a bill in order to get married legally. Meanwhile, Loose has started getting some on the side with some other bpm ranges. To be continued.


Low Freq ( Black Rhino Music )
Promoter, DJ, producer and passionate music journalist, Low Freq coordinates the Black Rhino Music project.

One Night Gallery // Love Aural Eye

We’re starting this year off with an exhibition that gathers various forms of new media experiences meant to immerse and exalt the audience through interactive hybrid experiments.

This 13th edition of One Night Gallery will feature Aural Eye – a visual exploration crew that express their artistic vision through video-mapped artworks, interactive installations, generative artwork and video productions, standing at the borderline of the emerging technical options. By using digital tools, they try to reach a deeper understanding of the organic world around us, creating a visual parallel reality through algorithmic explorations.

Through their artistic interfaces the audience will be rendered into a new, abstract and dynamic universe entangled with the alive and animated character of an augmented world.

The event will take place at Casa Universitarilor, a monumental temple and an astounding setting for contrasting and mediating the new media art installations that it will host.

Another world that awaits to be stepped in will be the augmented space inside the house that the visitor will be able to experience through dARe by Samsung. Secret portals and 3D animated centerpieces will be displayed along the way.
The exhibition is meant to be an exploration through surreal virtual layers that merge art and the latest in augmented and digital technologies.

This cultural initiative and artshow is powered by our innovation and artistic partners: Samsung, Epson România, George. The First Intelligent Banking from BCR & Dunhill.

Starts at 8 PM
@Casa Universitarilor Bucuresti
Dionisie Lupu 46, Bucuresti

Free Entry

Limited Car Park


One Night Gallery is an exhibition concept focusing on Romanian contemporary new media art.
We are all about showcasing local artists, re-purposing unconventional locations and encouraging artistic experiences through technology.


To promote One Night Gallery // Love Aural Eye and our partners, at the event we are going to take pictures, video and audio recordings that might also include your voice or image. Attending the event represents your approval to use these visual and audio materials on our social media platforms – One Night Gallery (Facebook and Instagram) and on our partners’ channels. The materials will be used until the goal is reached. Also, the materials are going to stay on social media and not going be deleted as they are used to promote One Night Gallery and our partners.

SUNRISE | Casino Sinaia

SUNRISE presents: Tini and The Gang- 10 years anniversary.


(alphabetic order)
Bill Patrick
Olga Korol
Cote (visuals)

Sambata, 29 Februarie.
Ora 23:00.

ACCES IN CASINO: Obtinerea unui pass

SUNRISE | Casino Sinaia este un eveniment privat. Evenimentul a fost creat in scop informativ si nu reprezinta nici o obligatie din partea organizatorilor.

▲ Accesul se face pe baza unui request scris pe pagina SNRS Pass, in urma caruia vei primi un link direct pentru achizitie, pe mail.

▲ Poti achizitiona 1 singur Pass / adresa activa de mail

-Te rugam sa scrii doar un singur request.
-Daca nu ai primit un raspuns, inseamna ca nu ai primit un cod de acces.
-Mesajele trimise pe alte pagini nu vor fi luate in considerare.

▲ Un pass costa 50 lei (in limita numarului maxim disponibil)


➫ Petrecerea de la Casino Sinaia este o petrecere cu caracter privat.
➫ Prioritate pentru obtinerea pass-urilor au persoanele care sunt in baza noastra de date.
➫ Accesul se va face pe baza unui pass nominal, netrasmisibil.
➫ Pentru a asigura o desfasurare cat mai buna a evenimentului, numarul de pass-uri este limitat.
➫ Va exista un punct de control al pass-urilor in afara locatiei si in lipsa acestora nu veti putea intra in incinta Casino-ului.
➫ Va rugam sa aveti un act de identitate asupra voastra. Evenimentul se adreseaza numai persoanelor majore.


▲ Evenimentul se adreseaza persoanelor majore. 18+