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07 MARTIE 2014


[TS_Testament 66:7] In the honor of the "why are we here?" ­

Ladies and gents, queens and kings, drumheadz and bassheadz, we’re getting back to our home of nasty sounds, the treatment for all kinds of frequencies that haunted our minds and terrified our souls for the past couple years of wandering lost down the roads of reality. The cards of the old master Time have now turned their faces towards our temple and responded our Faith with the glorious number 8.

Therapy Sessions Bucharest 8, our fortress of demented beats and disturbed minds has now opened its doors for fresh treament through sound therapy ­ not just any sound, but cleansing waves designed to heal our society psy­war of compressed emotions and squeezed tempers, designed to help us burst out of our bodies and trade aggression with relieve. An agression we catch like a virus during this century of disguise, an agression we manifest as we grow while striving to understand the world and take it as it is, a game of swifted places and stolen laurels, cartboard and silicone, a debate between interpretation and misinformation under the weight of our civillization.

This is Therapy Sessions, this is our generation’s scream towards the 7 sins, the rebellion against hypocrisy, fake values, plasticized bodies and fake personalities, automatism and routine, the slavory towards the unnecessary, the ignorance towards what truly matters. If it must, the nest where self titled saints turn to sins and sinners turn to sanctity by embrassing both good&bad in order to taste the experience by depersonalization, an exchange of faces, a ritual of the broken souls getting their pieces back together; a ritual of restart for the lost­in­routine minds. This is why we get together into the spirit of Therapy Sessions.

Therapy Sessions Bucureşti­ printre folclor şi valori de carton, dăm foc la ce nu este şi­-l băgăm în beton; să fim împreună câtă frunză câtă iarbă, să răsărim într-­o lume mai bună ­ fără ură, fără vrajbă.

We have the honor to bring you two of the most wanted doctors, now in charge for the 8th session:


From a young age, Ukrainian musician, DJ, and producer Maxim Anokhin aka Limewax, has proven himself a sonic pacesetter, harnessing the darker sounds of atmospheric dance as Limewax.
Limewax began composing music shortly after moving to Tilburg, Netherlands in 1999. At the age of seventeen, he released his first EP, Changing Crisis, on high­profile label Tech Itch Recordings in 2005. As a result, Limewax became notable for emerging into the electronic music industry at a young age, and quickly gained popularity leading to performances at Therapy Sessions events worldwide.
In addition to running his own LB Recordings, his uniquely­compelling acidic textures and frenetic breaks have been released on mainstay D’n’b labels including Freak Recordings, Tech Itch, PRSPCT, and Position Chrome.
You can find him on tour at most good events, and together with The Panacea for their common, live side­ project: Goldberg Variations.


Our first Lady of Rage, Robyn Chaos, has firmly established herself over the last 10 years as one of the main forces in the darkcore, leftfield Drum and Bass scene, not only as a constantly touring, highly skilled DJ but as a Singer, Writer, Producer, Promoter, Agent, and all around general Bad Ass. She lives, breathes, eats, and when she does sleep, it’s all DnB, with a passion, pureness and honesty.
As Founder and Managing Director of the dark enthusiasts DJ Agency, Anger Management, tending to the diaries of Artists such as Dylan, Technical Itch, The Panacea, Audio, Katharsys, Aaron Spectre, Counterstrike, Limewax, Donny, Zardonic, and more; She has been instrumental in nurturing the long term, successful careers of almost every major darkside Titan in today’s DnB World. Musically, Chaos has produced, written and sang as part of the infamous Faith in Chaos outfit (alongside long term partner in grime, Dylan) bringing the scene one of its most revolutionary, punk inspired vocal tracks, “Possession”, as well as Metalheadz anthem (and still a favourite track of Mr Goldicus), “Salvation”, collaborations with Bkey,”The Suffering”, Audio,”Rapture”, John Rolodex “The Way I Hurt You”, and collaborations/remixes with The Panacea and Counterstrike on “Thunderstatement”, Dkay & RawFull “I’ll Be There for You”, Technical Itch “Soldiers”, and more!
Ms Chaos is the main organizer of “Therapy Sessions” Worldwide, personally seeing to each and every event, working alongside local promotion teams/family on everything from line ups, flyer design, to procuring “nailing ballsacks into wood” performers (absolutely serious). From its humble beginnings as the wedding reception for Dylan and Robyn in 2002 (with sets from Bailey, Loxy, Ink, Keaton, Dylan, Trace and more!), Therapy rose from a midweek flagship event in London’s East End to quickly become a major Dnb tour de force, slaying dance floors, promoting mosh pit madness, and even winning national awards, in over a hundred cities a year across the Globe, from Ecuador to St Petersburg!! Without a dark shadow of a doubt, a lot of this success is due to the blood, sweat and blood stained tears, of this all encompassing, powerhouse of a Woman.

Robyn Chaos is one of the most recognizable names in dark Drum and Bass, playing regularly in Germany, France, Holland, UK, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Czech, Romania, The America’s, Japan, South America, Australia & New Zealand and everywhere in between, even Albania (and lived to tell the tale)!! In 2012, The year of Mayan Prophecy, Chaos released consistently alongside The Panacea (Thunderstatement), Axiom & Treo (Rapture Remix), Smyla (Suicide Girls), and the super collaboration with Zardonic, Gein and Counterstrike (Revolution), while touring extensively between moving back to the UK permanently and running Therapy Sessions events across the Europe. 2013 marks Ten Years of Therapy Sessions, and she has been busy arranging anniversary nights across the continent, really perfecting her distinct vocal style and songwriting, like with “No Longer Human” alongside Technical Itch and 140 Conspiracy with Fortitude, and starting up Therapy Sessions Recordings for tracks she believes shares the decade long ethos of “demented beats for disturbed minds” pacifying her loyal legions of Freaks and Freakettes with her exceptional taste in tunes from both renown artists and new blood!­chaos


FREQAX (short for Frequency Axe) is a music production project conceived in 2008 by ADRENALINE (aka C9H13NO3) and WEIRDO on the ground of their two different original styles mixed on the collaboration tunes that they made together, and their many b2b party sessions performed. It relies on a new form of music language and genres under a single project, based on the knowledge gathered over the many years of experience.
In 2009 FREQAX reveals itself along with its first signed tune called "The Axe" at Algorythm Recordings, which you can find on SCATTER album. The next big thing was their first 12" disk release at Prspct Recordings in July 2010.
In 2012 ADRENALINE decides to quit the project due to personal matters. FREQAX released two official videos, the first one on January 2012 for “Political Crime” and the second one for “Upside Down House”, in February 2013, both of them under Yellow­Stripe Recordings’ label.

Political crime:
Upside down house:






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