Toi.Toi.presents Sammy Dee, Dubtil b2b Dan Andrei & More

Hello all,

Toi.Toi.Musik is turning 10 years old this year. Every year we celebrate it during the OFF-BCN Week in Barcelona alongside Sonar but since it is the 10 years we have prepared a series of events to celebrate the occasion.

This Guesthouse event is the first of the series and it brings artists who are intrinsically part of our close family:


Alex Troubetzkoy
Dubtil b2b Dan Andrei
Sammy Dee
Vincent Lemieux

I would like to thank Guesthouse for always making me and mine feel at home.

Thank you all for the support for these 10 years.


Isis Salvaterra

Dan Andrei – I Want You