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FEEL WHAT YOU WANT! @Studio Martin | Vineri , 13 APRILIE 2012

noiembrie 13 @ 3:05

★ ★ Feel What You Want w/Simina Grigoriu★ ★


✈✈✈ Simina Grigoriu

✈✈✈ Gully

Simina Grigoriu will end the ” Feel What You Want” series, for what is to be announced a huge event.

After winning the world with her productions and DJ Set, we are proud to finally give you Simina Grigoriu live @ Studio Martin.

Simina is a mixture of diverse cultural and musical influences. Born in Romania, raised in Toronto and since then arriving to Berlin, she describes a synthesis of the violin and keyboard lessons she had in her childhood, the discovery of her parent’s vinyl treasures and the hip-hop freestyling in her student days.

Paired with her love of techno, which she discovered somewhat later in the clubs in Toronto, as well as the musical influences of Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer, Josh Wink and Juan Atkins, to name a few, the diverse artiste also developed a talent for entertaining her audience and surprising them over and over again.

Alongside her busy schedule, Simina is currently starting work on her first album. She has released music on Berlin label Sonat Records, as well as with Italian labels Intelectro Vibe and Frequenza Records. In production mode, she is currently looking forward to projects with labels such as Bohemian Yacht Club, Real Music Records and Phase Insane Records

Make sure you’ll be there to see the magic called Simina Grigoriu in action!

20/30 lei


13 noiembrie 2023

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