THE ARSON PROJECT din Malmö, Suedia, mixeaza hardcore-ul, punk-ul, metal-ul si grind-ul pe subiecte politice intr-o doza muzicala violenta. Piesele imprima o ură mizantropică pe riffuri grele de chitara si blasturi nebune la tobe. De cand s-au format, in 2005, nu au lansat multe materiale insa dar au avut sute de concerte in Europa și Asia.


THE ARSON PROJECT from Malmö, Sweden, is in a furious way mixing political grind, hardcore, metal, and punk into a relentless overdose of harsh audio violence. Insanely pissed off vocals spitting misanthropic hate in your face while the heavy down-tuned guitars and energetic drums are blasting your body to shit.

Since their start 2005 they haven’t released much, but still played hundreds of shows while touring around Europe and Asia through tons of different countries.

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