Al Doilea din cele Sapte party-uri spectacol nascute pentru a echilibra party-people ultrasensilbili.

The Second show party out of Seven, born to balance the ultrasensitive party people.


Intuitia si puterea naturala a creierului sunt stimulate prin increderea in instinctele proprii.
“Party” inseamna pentru participanti imensa aventura, un recital in care isi epuizeaza intreaga lor substanta, dansul facandu-i sa se exprime pe sine in sine.
Esti ceea ce esti.


Intuition and the brain’s natural power are stimulated by trusting the proper instincs.
The party itself represents to the participants a huge adventure, a grand recital in which they exhaust their whole substance, dancing helping them express themselves within themselves.

░░░░░░░ॐ Poarta (The gateway)

Vom construi la poarta evenimentului o delimitare foarte clara intre “outside” si “inside”, intre realitate si iluzie, spatiu oniric.
Lasi la poarta grija ta pamanteana, gasesti rezolvare pana dimineata.


A clear delimitation will be built at the entrance, this symbolizing a passing between outside and inside, between reality and illusion, space and the delirical.
you will be leaving at the gate your earthly cares to which you will find solving by morning.

░░░░░░░░ॐ Fairytale
I nstinct
Invitat : regizoarea Vera Ion
20:00 Open workshop "Scrie despre tine"

Atelier de exercitii de actorie care stimuleaza atentia, observatia, vocea interioara, interactiunea, impartasirea experientelor in scris.*

I nstinct:
Guest: the director VERA ION
20:00 open workshop – " Write about yourself"
Acting workshop which stimulates attention, observing, inner voice, interaction, sharing of experiences in writing.

░░░░░░░░ॐ Art laboratory
Expozitie de pictura contemporana- tema dualitate
Contemporaneous painting exhibition – duality theme

░░░░░░░░ॐ Inside
I ntuition

23:00 ROUA

00:30 LATAM

02:02:2013, time table 02:00



●●PURA had his first encounter with goa trance in 1996. and at the age of 11 he slowly went to the musical “path of no return” where he still walks.
He played music for the first time in 2003 and since then has used his DJ skill to share love and happiness through the music and positive energy on the stage.
In 2005, excellent attendance and good organization brought several people into organization “Monolit”, first trance organization in Sabac, city in West Serbia.
In “Monolit”, DJ Pura was not only a DJ, but also an organizer of happening and parties in Sabac.
Few years later 2008. he moved to Belgrade and with a group of friends founded an organization “Save the Rave Tribe”.
“Save the rave Tribe” in a short time became extremely popular, through the parties and events that brought some of the most popular local and international trance artists/DJs such as ….. Miranda, Astral Projection, Etnica & Pleiadians, U Recken, Atma, Astrix, Shane Gobi, Laughing Buddha, Tristan, Talamasca, Sonic Species, Man Machine, M Theory, Domestic, Latam, Kristian Dejavoo, Imaginary Sight, Yudhisthira, Dalton, Juggler, Kamadeva and many others …
Today, Save the Rave tribe is part of the NGO “Zenit Creative Society”, which has several eco-music festivals and various creative/education workshops and from 2012 a music label “Zenit Galaxy Records.
Their first compilation “Various Artists compilation Zenit festival 2011” was released in 2012, where he cooperated with other artists from Serbia under the project names “Fire Deer” and Puttwa Sara”.
At this moment, he is working on a several new songs that will be released in domestic and international compilations in 2013.
His DJ sets depend on time and space. He plays ambient/chill out, psy-progressive, psychedelic, full on and old school goa.
He played in many festivals such as Waha (Romania), Exodus (Macedonia), The Lost Theory (Croatia), Aurora (Greece), Sonica (Montenegro), Trance Adventure (Slovenia), Zenit (Serbia), Forest Sound ( Serbia ), …
Besides the Serbian clubs and parties where he plays regularly, clubbers in Portugal, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania… had chance to enjoy his music.
Since the two years ago, he’s been an organizer of the festival bus connection between the biggest festivals in this part of Europe (Belgrade to: Ozora, Sonica and Lost Theory )

●●DJ LATAM first played music at a party in 2004 in circumstances rather unexpected and unplanned.After a few years of practice and accumulating enough knowledge about what DJing means, plus encouraged by things going constantly up, he decided to give up all other business and devote himself to music and parties.His style is techy influenced and goa rooted and can vary depending on the party profile, audience, location, line-up and hour between a more psychedelic sound and a more atmospheric or progressive one. However, regardless of all the aspects, his sets have groove and deepness, are hypnotic and energetic.
He played over the years at some important events and in many clubs, in U.K., Montenegro, Hungary, Portugal, Bulgary, Serbia, Crimea, Ukraine. He is involved in organizing and promoting events and artists through Thrancians project and Spacesheep association, being also a co-organizer of Waha and Rebirth festivals.

●● In 1999 ROUA has unexpectedly discovered a music genre that she deeply fell in love with: goatrance. Its entire universe started to reveal itself gradually: friends, festivals, parties, travels, a whole new life vision. From as early as 2003 and helped by the Spacesheep foundation, Roua started to get involved in organising all sort of parties in clubs but also outdoors. He has been mixing music not only for all the major national goatrance events, but also for some international ones in countries such as France, Serbia, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

●● Nairam Naoi, also known by his stage name TRANS HUMANTZA, made his first appearances in Brasov. At that time he was mainly interested in electro and techno. He performed in various clubs from Brasov for a couple of years. In the course of time, his preferences started to change a bit – from the simple minimal techno sound to the multi hypnotic sound arrangements. As an artist, he was shaped by the malleability of psychedelic, nightpsy and forest. Over the last couple of years, Trans Humantza has been present at both international festivals such as ‘Funny Moon’ and ‘Zen It’ and national festivals such as ‘Transylvania Calling’, ‘Waha’ and ‘Rebirth’.

Visuals 360 DEGREE (we are inside the image):


●●Cote Ggmn

Deco : ●●Raven Crew
●● creative society

Architect: Diana Botez

Coordonator expozitie de pictura : Ioana Dragan

Party image: Wisez


Fee entrance: Free entrance : workshop "Write about yourself"
15 ron until midnight
20 ron after midnight

After party (we see the sun and the forest) : from 7:00- 14:00 – free entrance–> —> —> —> follow the music

*Atelierul "Scrie despre tine" este o experienta unica si extrem de sensibila, care se intampla doar intre cei ajunsi de la ora 20:00.

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